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A Historic Adventure

The Norris Arm Heritage Society was incorporated in May, 1998.

Purposes of the incorporation:
(1) Operate as a non-profit organization.
(2) to acquire and maintain a building to house a Museum.
(3) to acquire local historical artifacts for display.
(4) to protect local buildings and/or sites of historical importance.
(5) to acquire all types of funding to assist in protecting these artifacts, buildings, sites, etc.
(6) to accumulate local documentation to assist genealogists in tracing their family histories.
(7) Help promote tourism in the area through our history.

Board of Directors 2020

Fred Budgell     Past Chair

S B Kirby           Chair

Calvin Downer  Vice Chair

Cyril Langdon   Treasure

Della Kelly     Secretary

Eva Langdon

Nora McLoughlin

Therese Neil

Dorinda Foote

Glen Foote 

Andrea Dwyer

Verna Beaucache

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